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Introducing the Common Sense 3 Controller - Foot-Distance Boom Control Done Well:

200 Counts-per-revolution Quadrature encoder for 800 distinct counts per 5" of travel

PWM drive accurately controls speed - calculate water and chemical delivery with confidence.

Excellent watering accuracy of +-1.5" while moving and +-0.25" for pot watering. Larger moving accuracy margin has a lot to do with varying valve latency depending which / how many valves are in use at any given time. If valve usage is consistent (i.e. 1 valve on/off at any given time), then accuracy might be as good as +-0.5" while moving. 

Easy Setup means you spend less than 5 minutes configuring the boom from scratch and you're running crops in as little as 6-8 minutes. Setting Valve latency parameters is very boom-specific and will take more time and trial-and-error, but quick-n-dirty watering is 6 minutes from boom startup.

Stronger protection measures are designed to keep your boom out of repair and service and healthy during critical high-use time periods. Current limiting now actively throttles current, and current readout in test mode makes setting the limit effectively much easier.  Motion Alarm timeout is reduced to 2.5 seconds in all cases, and the circuit board is designed to take a direct short across the motor terminals without failure.

Find us in Booth 2302!

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