Refine your growing game

With the best tool for overhead watering benches and floor crops

Water More Evenly than Humanly Possible

Uniqueness is for snowflakes. Grow a more uniform crop today!

Let Your Environmental System Decide When to Water

Requires extra environmental system outputs and the GTI Boom Spooler, sold separately

Booms and Basket Systems Belong Together

Embrace multi-tiered production today!

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Growing, Empowered

A chicken for every pot, and a robot for every farm and garden center. The Single Rail Boom:

  • Saves you untold hours of hand-watering

  • Waters quickly and evenly

  • Perfect for monocropping

  • Optional sweep helps you get closer to the wall

  • Frees you to do more important things!

                                                  Need More Options? Choose a Wider Stance

                                                   Moving to a double rail design unlocks real versatility:

                                                  • Standard 33-1/2" wide wheelbase provides stability for watering each side of the bay separately

                                                  • Optional Sweep redirects hose sideways, allowing the boom to touch the end wall

                                                  • Available Center-Feed hose system keeps hose up and out of the way

                                                  • Multiple Controllers available 

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                                                  Odoo image and text block

                                                  Heavy Duty Construction for Versatility

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