Multiply your Hanging Basket Production

With more turns on Boomerang Basket systems

Increase Turns

Load, water, grow, and unload baskets while plants grow happily below

Deliver Water Where Your Basket Needs it

Active Irrigation penetrates the canopy to deliver water

Easy Display Interface

On the Zone Controller, sold separately - buy it with your Boomerangs today!

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Increase turns with End Loading and 3 layers

  • Load baskets on the Boomerang Basket System from the end of the bay

  • Water over a designated area of empty ground, and allow your baskets to drip dry before rotating back over your plants

  • Use one or two layers for maximum light 

  • Fill all three during peak basket season for more production

  • 1, 2 and 3 layer systems available

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Deliver Water Above or Below the Canopy               

  • Breaker Irrigation delivers a gentle rain from above

  • Active Irrigation delivers a gentle flow beneath the canopy

  • Breakers are attached by conduit clamps, allowing you to adjust angle and slide-through.

  • Active Irrigation probes are mounted on thumbscrew-tightened brackets and plates allowing you to adjust angle and height. 


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The Zone Controller 

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