GTI Board Return Terms and Conditions - 10-27-2017

Public Channel / Board Returns

GTI Board Return Terms and Conditions - Read before returning boards!

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1. GTI Board Repair Program Terms and Conditions : What you agree to 1) M Squared Electronics Inc. may call a circuit board unrepairable at their discretion for any reason. GTI can as well. 2) You must not send in circuit boards without an RMA number. Call a GTI technician to get one. 3) When you call in to get your RMA number, you have a choice: a. To get any unrepairable boards back, agree to a return fee for each, and let us know which ones, or b. Ag ree to let us junk all unrepairable boards, or c. Don’t send your boards in 4) Your board might get wrecked during assessment or repairs, and be declared unrepairable. Sorry about that. 5) Your unrepaired board might come back to you with removed parts in a bag. 6) I f you send your board in, you’re agreeing to pay fees. 7) You handle & pay for shipping the board in. What we agree to 1) We’re not guaranteeing that we’ll hold your board for less than 3 weeks (standard) or 2 weeks (expedited) anymore. Sometimes we can’t control that. 2) If you are not satisfied by the turnaround time and quality of your repair, please call us. We are willing to consider not charging for your repair. 3) If your board is called ‘unrepairable’, you pay an unrepaired p rocess fee . 4) Normally, unrepairable boards are junked (thrown in e - waste recycling). 5) If you’ve agreed to an unrepaired return fee , then your unrepairable board is shipped back to you with the removed parts in a bag. 6) If we can’t find a problem, you pay a n o problem found fee 7) If the board is successfully repaired, you pay a repair fee.


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