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Shows you how to install an EPROM. Use it to install the pogram chip for the Original Common Sense, Basic/E, and Common Sense Lite controllers, and the Network chip. The basic principles also apply to installing a BATRAM chip.

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3. Continue this process until all the pins are just barely seated and the chip is sitting evenly in the socket: Press down evenly, Until the chip is fully seated: And you're done! page 3

2. Next, hold the chip with the pins pointing away from you, with one row of pins flat on a static-neutral surface (wood or cardboard is best). Roll the chip away from you as evenly as you can: (You are over here) Stop when this angle is about 90 degrees. Repeat this process with the other row of pins. When you are done, the ch ip should look like this: Install the Chip Partially seat one row of pins in the socket: Lower the other row of pins in the socket, pusing and pulling against the first row as necessary to make the fit. (see-through view) page 2

1. Guide: How to Install an EPROM An EEPROM looks something like this: The pins are angled outward, so it's difficult to fit the chip in the socket: The pins have to be bent inward until they're nearly square in order for the chip to fit. To bend the pins, hold the chip on each end, Left Thumb Right Thumb Left Index Finger Right Index Finger Like this: Adjust the Pins page 1


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