How to Switch Boom Direction (Common Sense Lite Controller)

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How to switch your boom's movement direction if it has a Common Sense Lite Controller.

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1. Higher Zones Zone 0 Forward Forward Zone 0 Higher Zones SWITCH BOOM DIRECTION (Common Sense Lite Controller) We want to change the direction of the whole boom from this, to this:

3. (3) Double Check A good way to check if your motor and sensors are matching up is to check the sensors in Test mode. Start at the Manual Mode screen and press the Test key: Then press Right now we're focusing on the 'INPUTS' line. Test 1 MANUAL DAY1 00:10 BOOM IDLE PRESS DAILY PROGRAM CROP:01 ZONE:000 1)TEST HARDWARE 2)SPEED CAL 3)TEST KEYPAD 4)CLEAR PROGRAM TEST HARDWARE INPUTS=__3___ VALVES=____ (test mode menu) The '3' is always there (or should be). It's the collision input. Also, '6' might or might not be showing; it's the motion reader input. It is on or off depending on how the idler axle is rotated.

4. X X Then this is your 'Forward' reader If this is forward: Boom Put a magnet on the rail and point it toward your away reader: Your screen should show: X X This is your 'Reverse' reader If this is forward: Put a magnet on the rail and point it toward your home reader: Now your screen should show: If they're reversed, flip them. If you see other numbers (besides '6' being there the whole time), or have any questions at all, call GTI Main Office Line (8am-4:30pm Weekdays) Emergency Tech Support Line (24hr - please call Main office line on workdays) (888) 827 - 5204 (859) 358 - 9595 TEST HARDWARE INPUTS=__3_5_ VALVES=____ TEST HARDWARE INPUTS=__34__ VALVES=____

2. (1) SWAP THE MOTOR LEADS (2) SWITCH THE MAGNET READER WIRES MTR - MTR + Motor Out Transformer White Black MTR - MTR + Motor Out To the Motor (or Junction Box) White Black MTR - MTR + Motor Out To the Motor (or Junction Box) Switch the motor '+' and '-' leads: and swap them Take These Sensors Job Reverse Reader Job Forward Reader Sensors This was the Job Reverse Reader, now it's the Job Forward Reader! JB REV JB FWD JB REV JB FWD RTN RTN INDEX START COLLISN JB REV JB FWD MOTION Sensors Transformer Swap the 'JB FWD' and 'JB REV' wires, like this: This was the Job Forward Reader, now it's the Job Reverse Reader! N ot e : Leave the magnet readers' Return ('RTN') wires alone. Both of the returns connect together on the board anyway so there's no need to swap them.


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