Original Basic/E Controller - Wiring Diagram

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Wiring diagram for the original Basic/E Boom Controller.

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1. RTN RTN VALVE 3 VALVE 2 VALVE 1 RTN RTN INDEX START COLLISN JB REV JB FWD MOTION MTR - MTR + GND ACL ACH 120v Power In 0-90v Motor Out Sensors (5v) Valves (24v) Transformer 120v AC Power In running alongside & tie-wrapped to the hose Green Wire Safety Grounds Attach to Controller Mount Bracket (frame ground) Motion Reader High Voltage Junction Box (Motor Wire) To Valves (use wire-nuts to connect these wires to solenoid leads) RTN RTN INDEX START COLLISN JB REV JB FWD MOTION Sensors (5v) Away Reader Home Reader Skip Reader Optional Addition: Add Skip-Reader (Bundle in Wire Nut w/ Collision Loop) Collision Loop Skip Reader X X X Home Reader Forward Away Reader .6630 Ba sic/E Wiring Diag ram


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