Original Common Sense Controller - Main Module - Wiring Diagram

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Wiring diagram for the main module of the original Common Sense controller.

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1. GND SENS PWR SENSOR2 SENSOR1 RTN INDEX RTN REM START RTN COLLISION RTN JOB REV RTN JOB FWD RTN MOTION NET SHIELD NET 485- NET 485+ NET 485- NET 485+ GND GND KEY PWR KEY TXD- KEY TXD+ KEY RXD- KEY RXD+ ALARM NO ALARM C ALARM NC GND NEUTRAL LINE MOTOR- MOTOR+ RTN VALVE 4 RTN VALVE 3 RTN VALVE 2 RTN VALVE 1 TRANSFORMER 120v Power In Motor Out Network Magnet Readers Display Valve Outputs Alarm Relay Output (Sweep is on this side) Fwd Index Reader Job Fwd Reader Job Rev Reader Motion Reader (bare) (green) (black) (black) (red) (black) (white) To Sensaphone etc. (bare) (green) (black) (black) (red) (black) (white) GND GND PWR RXD- RXD+ TXD- TXD+ MAIN BOARD Solenoid Leads (RTN is hot so best practice is black - RTN) Note: Do not allow any circuit to be completed between the RTN output of the the Valve connector and the 120v Safety Ground (including the frame of the boom) This causes catastrophic damage to the main circuit board on power-up! AC 120v Power In To motor leads Green Wir e Safety Grounds Green Wire Safety Ground Tied to Frame Note: Color Sequence of motor+ & motor- leads is context-driven. Note: LINE is hot so best practice is: Black-LINE White-NEUTRAL Green-GND DISPLAY BOARD Note: Color Sequence of Input wires does not matter for MOTION, JOB FWD, JOB REV, COLLISION, and INDEX inputs. RTN is not hot on any of these so 'white-RTN' is fine Note: Index, Job Fwd, and Job reverse magnet readers are pointed at the rails from underneath. T he Motion magnet reader typically is positioned to rea d a magnet on the idler axle from 1/4"-1/2" away. Illustration: Double Rail Boom (from above) CS Wiring Diagram


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